Happy Clients

"I have used Sandra’s services on numerous occasions for travel to Asia and Europe and she has always been so helpful. When we went to Bali she gave us all sorts of recommendations for how to be safe and places to go. Most recently we used her services to come home from Spain. As things started to get worse there due to COVID-19 we were so glad to have Sandra looking after us and making all the necessary changes to get us back to NZ as soon as possible. I cannot thank Sandra enough for doing everything she could to help us at all sorts of crazy times, being in a different time zone. I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone who is looking for a travel agent, as well as anyone who thinks they don’t need a travel agent. - Christiana"
"Covid 19 and being stuck in Italy - hotels closing behind you, most shops shut, the few people out and about at least a metre from you, and Police checks to allow you to move from one city to another, or in many cases even being on the street, with the threat of flights being cancelled and airports closing - how stressful is that? Scary even. What you really need at this time is a travel agent who is on your side, who works for you 100%, with the ability to solve problems and think laterally. Sandra Ivelja from SO Travel is such an agent, someone who was truly on my side when everything around me appeared to be collapsing and all I wanted to do was to get home. Sandra managed to reduce my stress levels considerably and had me on the last Emirates flight out of Rome before the airports closed. A massive relief, thank you Sandra. It’s not something I will ever forget.

Thanks again. Silva"

Silva Bassett
"We had an emergency situation due to Covid-19. We had sailed from India to Malaysia on our yacht to find Malaysia had just closed its borders ...... along with the rest of the world! We had problems with our engine and our sails and so were in quarantine at anchor unable to clear into locked down Malaysia for 30 days when we were told we had to leave within a week or face jail! We had two travel agents working on finding flights to Auckland for us but could not find anything and eventually gave up. A friend recommended Sandra of So Travel…… Sandra is amazing! Within hours she had booked affordable flights from Malaysia to Auckland on good carriers with the minimum of stopovers – which was incredible at that time - including transits with hotel bookings and all quarantine exemption and transit documentation completed - we were departing in 6 days! Sandra is so professional and efficient – everything she did for us was perfect! We were so grateful for Sandra’s kindness and caring – she was with us on every leg of the trip no matter what time of day or night – looking after us like we were family. We had been through so much stress it was Sandra that held us both together – she probably doesn’t realise how much she did for us over those few days. We so appreciate all you did Sandra – thank you so much! We highly recommend Sandra to book all your travel arrangements anywhere anytime as she is the best! And at no extra cost to you – check her out!"
Hilary Anderton
"We are so pleased we choose Sandra to organise our holiday to Europe. She ensured that it went smoothly and offered us a lot of professional knowledge that especially in hindsight was priceless. In the beginning we talked on the phone about the rough bones of our holiday and what we would like to get out of it.   From there she helped us shape it and then pulled it together with all the thoughtful detail that goes to create a wonderful holiday. We did have a wonderful holiday and saw a lot of amazing things that we didn’t even know were there. It was Sandra’s ability to think through the workings of our travel and anticipate and avoid any inconvenience that made it so easy for us. We were thrilled to finally meet Sandra in person before we travelled.     Her larger than life loveable personality and crazy sense of humour mixed with her dedication to give you the very best, that makes you want to keep coming back to her."
Lynley and Grant Fyfe
Blenheim, New Zealand
"If you're going to travel, you need Sandra! She is amazing to deal with and makes the whole process of sorting flights and accommodation so easy and so much fun (which is what it should be right?!). Thank you Sandra for helping us with our dream holiday. You are awesome."
Tyne Brocklehurst
Devonport, Auckland
"Sandra goes above and beyond to make sure all your travel requirements go as smooth as possible and you get the best price. I can highly recommend speaking with her before you plan your next trip. Thanks again Alex."
Alex Matheson
Glenfield, Auckland
"The Europe holiday was awesome. Thank you so much Sandra for the valuable advice you provided in planning the trip and the timely reminders and follow ups. The flight selection was so great that we came home ready to go to work the next day with no jet lag!!"
Amali and Nilan Fonseka
Pinehill, Auckland
"Sandra has been our Personal Travel Manager for the last 20 years. During this time every trip Sandra has organised has gone without a hitch. Sandra has extensive knowledge of the travel industry. She has a pleasant and cheeky personality which makes her easy to deal with. Sandra has just organised another trip to Italy for us which was done very efficiently and any questions we had were answered without any bother. Cheers Sandra."
Waynne and Lesley Grainger
One Tree Hill, Auckland
"Sandra is just the best! She takes all the hassle out of travel, is big on detail and is always on the end of the phone if something unforeseen happens while you're away. Nothing is too much trouble. It's great to have a travel agent you can trust."
Jenni McManus
Waiheke Island, Auckland
"Sandra really is a ‘personal’ travel manager. She makes the effort to get to know you and your family so that she can find things that really suit you. We have had a couple of issues travelling which she has gone above and beyond to help sort from the other side of the world. Make her your go to for all your travel needs."
Dr Clare Fisher
Takapuna, Auckland
"Sandra takes care of all our travel needs and I know when we go away that I’m care free as if anything happens, I can call her and she will sort it out. I absolutely trust her to make sure I get the best for my money and she goes the extra mile and reminds me of everything I need to organise my end before our trips."
Chellie Braddock-Hazlewood
Glenfield, Auckland
"Sandra Ivelja, now that we have had time to rest after a hectic 2 months away in Canada and USA/Alaska our thoughts go to how well organised our travel actually was. We heard of some disasters while waiting to board return flight in Vancouver AP from Kiwis on other tours. Sandra has organised several tours for us now, 5 or 6 I think and all have gone without a hitch. Nothing is too much bother for Sandra, During the planning stage Sandra identified any possible hitches with our options and advised us accordingly. Sandra has travelled extensively so knows the dos and don’ts. We relied on her advice and have not been disappointed. Many Thanks Sandra!"
Owen and Ann Braddock
St Heliers, Auckland
"Thanks Sandra for your assistance in making our tour so successful. We had a great time with no glitches. (none that you weren’t able to sort!). I have a little pressey by way of thanks but to get it delivered I need your home address. Thanks again. You have been a god send for any travel arrangements we’ve made with you."
Graeme and Linda
Mairangi Bay, Auckland
"We have engaged Sandra to suggest and organise our travels for the past five years during which time we have visited numerous different countries. Her knowledge of the industry, her own travel experiences, and her meticulous planning to find the best packages have resulted in us experiencing many interesting places and bringing back home some great memories. A good listener, Sandra always works hard to satisfy your travel demands, and is an absolute pleasure to work with."
Kevin & Sandra Connell
Rothesay Bay, Auckland
"Sandra really is a 'personal' travel manager. She makes the effort to get to know you and your family so that she can find things that really suit you. We have had a couple of issues travelling which she has gone above and beyond to help sort from the other side of the world. Make her your go to for all your travel needs."
Clare Fisher
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