SO, Do I Really Need a Travel Agent?

The internet has turned holiday makers into their own travel agents…. it’s easy, right? Let me give you a few reasons why it is always best to book with me, your agent.

1. I don’t charge any of my clients for my service. I earn commissions from the hotels, airlines and tour operators. No brainer, no cost to you, why would you not use a professional at the same price as you would pay if you did it yourself! Also if you make an error with your booking, you need to sort it out, if I make an error, I sort it out at no cost to you.

2. I will personalise your holiday, work on those complicated itineraries, think logically about the best way to get from A to B and offer my years of travel knowledge. I get to know you and your family, likes and dislikes with regard to travel.

3. I will always be your single point of contact for anything travel related from the time you start creating your holiday until after you get home. I am also your safety net in case of any emergency.

4. I will work toward your budget and advise some options for you to consider with all the relevant information. For example, some cheap flights within Europe may not include checked in bags…not so good if you need checked in bags. For only a little more on the original ticket you can get bags, rather than being charged an exorbitant amount at the airport.

5. I am contactable 24/7 and will take the time to meet up with you whenever it suits you to get to know your travel needs. Nothing worse than ringing an office only to find that your agent is sick, on leave or at lunch and you need to leave a message or worse, discuss what you need with a stranger.

6. Working through New Zealand Travel Brokers, we are IATA bonded and have client trust accounts where your money is protected.

7. If your holiday is special to you, it deserves special attention from me. I am genuinely passionate for creating amazing experiences for my clients and I truly care. The internet does not care about you and your needs.

8. I have the ability to hold bookings for a period of time without payment so that we can take the time to create your perfect holiday. I can create the holiday you actually want, not the one you saw on TV with the pressure of book and pay now.

So, what are you waiting for? Call me for a chat now

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