SO, is Your Passport Valid and Do You Need a Visa?

Don’t risk making a mistake! Making sure that your passport will be valid for your entire trip and making sure you have the appropriate visa is part of my duty of care to you, my client.

Passports and Visas are very complicated and just when you get your head around the changes, they change again. Being updated is very important. Nothing worse than being turned around at your first port of call on your holiday because you don’t have the correct paperwork.

Thankfully New Zealand passports are back to 10-year validity, the decision to have five years was just ridiculous and caused many issues with travellers.  The general rule that I apply is that your passport should be valid for at least six months from your date of your return into New Zealand.   

As of 01 October 2019, all visitors to New Zealand must possess either a valid visa or a NZeTA. This will not apply for visitors holding a New Zealand, Australian passport or a valid New Zealand Visa. The NZeTA visa can take up to 72 hrs to get, so I would recommend my overseas clients apply well in advance. The NZeTA is still required if you are connecting through New Zealand to another country. For further details and to check individual requirements please visit

Still on about visas, there is a mine field of websites out there in computer land where you can get your visa, or not. I know the correct ones……. recently I advised a couple the correct website for their USA ESTA Visa. The wife, good girl, followed my instructions and paid $14 USD, the husband, bless, googled ESTA and managed to get on a website that charged his credit card $240 NZD for the same privilege.  Also, some clients may think that an electronic visa just magically transfers into your new passport, it doesn’t.

What happens when you lose your passport whilst you are on holiday?  It happens more than you know. You call me and I advise you every step of the way. You only know the worth of your travel agent when you need them.To avoid any stress, I will always ask my clients to fill out their client profile on my website so that I can check that all passports will be valid for their upcoming holiday and if they require any visas.

No stress.

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