SO, What Should I Pack?

Packing can vary depending on where you are travelling to, the time of year and for how long but here are some of my favourite tips.

1. Just before going on a holiday a lot of clients get stressed out, especially if they are going away for an extended period of time, therefore, always have a packing and to do list. I usually start mine a couple of weeks beforehand. Just jot things down as you think of them and make sure you review this and mark things off as you pack or get the job done. You will be surprised on how many people don’t do this last step and forget stuff that was on their list.

2. Make sure you know where your passport is well before you pack. You will be surprised on how many clients get in a panic when they can’t find their passport the night before their holiday. Not a great way to start.

3. My favourite saying “Half the clothes and twice the money”. It is true. How many times have you come home from a holiday with clothes you did not wear? Lay out all the clothes you are thinking of taking on your bed, go and have a coffee or something stronger if you like and then return and put half the clothes back in your wardrobe. This will also give you more space to bring some new items home, this is where twice the money comes in.

4. I take a small multi board with me, great for charging all those devices with only one International plug, very handy. Be careful though as many cruise liners will not allow these on their ships.

5. I have recently got into the habit of rolling my clothes, it really makes a huge difference when packing. Make sure to take layers as well as sometimes it can get a little chilly on your summer holiday unexpectantly.

6. If you are lucky enough to being going somewhere where you have 2 pieces of checked in luggage, put a smaller suitcase into the larger one, then you won’t have to purchase another suitcase whilst you are away. I also pack a few plastic bags to put dirty washing into, or the wet togs if you able to have a last swim at your resort before flying home.

7. Always take extra medication with you when travelling, just in case you get stuck somewhere and always carry these in your hand luggage, never in your suitcase as many suitcases go missing around the world or delayed and you don’t want to be stuck without your meds. Also take your prescription with you. Recently my husband, Owen, forgot to take a particular medication with him on our trip to Europe, no problem, we went to the Pharmacy in Budapest with the script and passport and we were able to purchase the meds without having to see a doctor – stress free.

8.  Losing a bag can ruin a holiday especially if it had your itinerary, passports and other valuables. Upload a scan or photo of your passports, itinerary, tickets, driver’s licence, travel insurance policy and emergency phone numbers (Credit card company and card numbers), etc. to a free online service like Dropbox or Evernote. Or open a new free Gmail account and email all the images on it then you will be able to access your information from anywhere in the world. Most importantly you need to know my number and call me so that I can help and advise you!

9.  Make sure you have a great travel handbag. I use a satchel bag that goes over my shoulder and sits on my front and is made from a washable material and has secret internal locks. My arms are always free to touch things without having to put my handbag down because if you do, it will be gone before you know it.I use my travel bag just when I am travelling and love it. Most travel stores like Kathmandu and Bivouac sell these travel bags.

10.  Airlines change luggage allowances on their tickets often. The cheaper the ticket the less luggage usually, depending on the airline. Some smaller airlines will only allow 15 kilos checked in baggage. Some complicated itineraries using multiple airlines will have multiple and different allowances on certain flights. You need to be aware of your allowances so you can plan accordingly. Nothing worse than being pinged at an airport for excess luggage that you were not aware of, that’s where I come in.

Bon Voyage!

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